MCCentral Rules // Official

On MCCentral we want everyone to have the best experience possible. There are some rules and limitations that the staff team has made to help keep everything fair for everyone. Our server rules may be found below. Please remember that our rules are not limited to everything listed below! Use good common sense and you will be fine.

Punishment Types
MCCentral categorizes all punishments into three main categories: Chat, Gameplay and Client Modification Offenses. There is also a category called Miscellaneous Punishments which outline punishments that don’t fall into the normal punishment severities. In-game offenses will be listed under these three categories below. Each punishment category has three sub-categories called a severity. The higher the severity, the longer the punishment. Also, the more of one type of severity you receive, the longer the punishment.

Other punishment types include:
Warning: You will receive an in-game text warning.
IPBan: Your IP Address will be banned.
Faction Warning: Issued when you break one of the faction rules (more info at the bottom of this thread)

Offense Times:
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Chat Offenses

SpammingSeverity One
Warning Required
Sending three or more similar messages. This includes countdowns.
Group SpamSeverity One
Warning Required
Player sends a message that is intended to participate in group spam, after staff have warned everyone verbally not to participate in the group spam.
Excessive Use of CAPS/UnicodeSeverity One
Warning Required
Excessive use of capitalized words or Unicode characters in a message. (Capitalizing 5 or more words in a message or using 5 or more Unicode characters.)
Character SpamSeverity One
Warning Required
Sending 2 or more messages with multiple unnecessary characters, making the message long and annoying.
Abuse of Another User/DisrespectSeverity One
Warning Required
Being intentionally disrespectful or abusive to other users.
Excessive HackusationSeverity One
Warning Required
Repeatedly accusing someone of hacking, with no evidence.
ArgumentsSeverity One
Warning Required
Constant arguing in public chat.
Fake MessagesSeverity One
Warning Required
Sending fake messages in an attempt to trick players.
Discussing Unapproved DealsSeverity One
Warning Required
Talking about an unapproved IRL deal or trade in public chat.

Only trades that include webstore items and in-game items are allowed.
Unrelated LinksSeverity One
Warning Required
Sending links that aren’t related to MCCentral in public chat.
Staff TrollingSeverity One
Warning Required
Knowingly wasting a staff member’s time by asking them questions or nagging them about non-staff related matters.
Impersonating Staff MembersSeverity OnePretending to be a member of staff.
Excessive Inappropriate LanguageSeverity OneUsing 3 or more cuss words in a message.
Bypassing Chat FilterSeverity OneFinding a way to bypass the chat filter.
Inappropriate Links3Severity TwoSending offensive or inappropriate links in chat.
Racial/Religious/Political DisputesSeverity TwoArguing over race, religion or politics in public chat.
Racial Slurs/DiscriminationSeverity TwoUsing racist/derogatory words and discriminating people.
Explicit ConversationSeverity TwoTalking about inappropriate or explicit topics in public chat.
Death Threats/ Suicidal Encouragement/ Self-harm ThreatsSeverity TwoEncouraging suicidal acts or putting death threats on other players.
Encouraging SpamSeverity TwoInstructing or encouraging users to spam message(s) in public chat.
Chat FloodingSeverity TwoSending several messages in chat (5-6+) in chat causing it to flood chat with a user’s message(s).
Advertising4Severity ThreeSharing the IP address or website address of another server. Discord links, TeamSpeak 3 IPs and webstore links also count.
Spambot4Severity ThreeA large amount of users quickly spamming the server chat.
Account Phishing4Severity ThreeTrying to compromise accounts.
Leaking Personal Information4Severity ThreeSending personal information of another user. These may include full name, address or IP address.
Excessive Chat Offences4Severity ThreeHaving 40 or more Chat Offences or Warnings combined.

Gameplay Offenses

Map ExploitingSeverity OneExploiting the design of a map to give oneself an unfair advantage over others.
Bug Exploiting (Minor)Severity OneAbuse of plugins/ features to gain an unfair advantage.
Gameplay TrollingSeverity OneInstructing players to do things that result in an unexpected outcome in gameplay.
Command SpamSeverity OneSpamming commands so that there are 3 or more messages sent in the chat.
Obstruction of ServerSeverity TwoPurposely blocking the operation of the server or staff.
Physical Obstruction of OthersSeverity TwoPurposely, and physically blocking another user as a disruption.
Account GrindingSeverity TwoUsing other accounts to farm kills, stats or money etc.
Teaming/Cross TeamingSeverity TwoTeaming with another player or players in solo mode.
Teaming with a player who belongs to another team in team mode.
Team KillingSeverity TwoIntentionally killing members of the same team in Minigames or UHC.
Inappropriate Builds (Champion Builder & Factions)Severity TwoCreating a build to offend another player or generally offensive, explicit or racial builds. Inappropriate Faction base art also counts. (Pixel art on roof or walls). This rule only applies to Champion Builder and Factions.
Mute BypassSeverity TwoFinding a way to bypass a mute in public chat or private messages.
Abuse of /ChatreportSeverity TwoUsing the ChatReport system as a joke or repeated use for submitting non-chat offenses by a user.
Ghosting (Ultra Hardcore)Severity TwoBeing a spectator in UHC and giving an unfair advantage to a player who is alive in the match.
Staff have to record the incident. Only the player who is spectating will be punished.
Scamming2 6Severity ThreeTricking someone into doing something other than what was intended.
Death Trapping2 6Severity ThreeTricking users into entering, or teleporting into a trap, which leads to their in-game death.
Griefing2 6Severity ThreePurposely destroying the builds of other users or stealing items without permission.
Bug Exploiting (Severe)6Severity ThreeAbuse of plugins/features to gain an unfair advantage over others.
Completing Unapproved Deals6Severity ThreeTrading something other than in-game goods or webstore items.
Scripting Kits6Severity ThreeUsing macros to get kits while AFK on KitPvP.

Client Modification Offenses

Unapproved Client ModificationSeverity OneUse of any client modification which is not on our approved mods list.
MacrosSeverity TwoUsing macros OTHER than for use of chatting or other aesthetic purposes.
Autoclicking6Severity TwoUsing an external program or macro to increase your click speed/clicks per second. Players have to be screenshared by staff before a ban for Autoclicking in PvP.
Any Use of a Hacked Client6Severity ThreeUsing any hacked client. Example hacks KillAura, AntiKnockback, Fast Place, Derp etc.
X-Ray6Severity ThreeAny use of x-ray whether it's a part of an illegal modificaiton, hacked client or texture pack.
Refusal to Screenshare/Logging Out While Frozen5 6Severity ThreeLogging out when asked to screenshare or refusing to screenshare. READ
Hacks Found In A Screenshare5 6Severity ThreeA staff member discovers active use of a hacked client on MCC during the screenshare or directly prior to the screenshare.

Miscellaneous Punishments

DDoSing/DoSingFull BlacklistDDoSing/DoSing other members of the community.
DoxingFull BlacklistCompiling and publishing private or identifying information about an individual in any way with a malicious intent.
Mute/Ban Evading4IP BanHaving three (or more) accounts muted or banned on the the same IP simultaneously.
DDoS Threats / Rat Threats / DOX Threats / Swat Threats17 Day BanThreatening to DDoS / Rat / DOX / Swat a player. (This punishment cannot be appealed).
TPA Spamming2 Day Ban From Teleport CommandsSpamming another user with teleport requests.
Auto Selling4Permanent Ban From /Sell AccessUsing the /sell command to gain an unfair advantage over others.
Offensive/Explicit Username or Skin7Permanent BanHaving a username or skin that is offensive, explicit or racial.

1 Can only be witnessed by a staff member or via Chatreport
2 Allowed only on Factions and Prison
3 This includes linking users to a hacked client in chat
4 You can not appeal this until you serve the punishment for a minimum of 6 months
5 Only a staff member can issue any sort of punishments when it comes to screensharing. A regular user cannot use this rule against another player to get them banned
6 GAMEPLAY OFFENSE: If received Severity 3 5th Offense (Perm Ban) [REFER TO 4]
6 CLIENT MODIFICATION: If received Severity 2 5th Offense (Perm Ban) or Severity 3 3rd Offense (Perm Ban) [REFER TO 4]

7 If you appeal with an appropriate username or skin on the first offense your ban will be lifted. However, if it happens again you will not be able to appeal this punishment for a minimum of 6 months.

Forum Rules (Warning Points)
Check out the rules of the forums and the explanations to the Warning Points that you may get on the website here.

Community Discord Rules
Check out the rules and the punishments of the Community Discord here.

Faction Rules and Warnings
You can find a list of the Faction Rules that we use on the Factions server here. The rules above also apply to Factions.