Beginning with Season 9, we introduced the Faction Warning system in addition to the Global Rules so we can better handle issues that arise on the server and to provide a better gameplay experience. In addition to the Global Rules (where applicable), these rules are to be followed. Otherwise, there will be punishments issued.

  • Roof cannons are not allowed, unless the Y level of the roof is under 255.
  • Phase cannons are not allowed.
  • Horizontal Pseudo cannons are not allowed.
  • Left/Right shooting cannons are not allowed.
  • Wall removers are not allowed.
  • No auto cannons unless the barrel of the cannon is under y=15 (anywhere above must be a button). Along with that, no clock or huge auto sand comp plates (semi autocannons are allowed along with printing sand with alts).
  • Cannons can not shoot faster than once every 4 seconds (unless the barrel of the cannon is under y=15). Any type of reverse cannon with the barrel at or under y=15 can not shoot faster than once every 4 seconds.
  • Any cannons that destroy two walls in one shot are not allowed. You are unable to fire more than 1 cannon at the same time in attempt to bypass this rule.
  • A faction may only fire 1 cannon at a time while raiding a faction.
  • If a faction is caught using any illegal cannon, they will instantly receive a Faction Warning (there will be no verbal warning). The user(s) who built the cannon will also receive a Severity 3 Gameplay punishment.
  • If a faction is breached by an illegal cannon, the value will be stripped from the faction that used the cannon and the value will be reinstated to the faction that got raided. All cases will be handled by the staff team to ensure this isn't abused.

  • Insiding is bannable. Doing so will result in a permanent ban from the network. If the account that insided is an alternate account, then the main account owner will be issued the punishment. The faction(s) that benefit from the inside will be disqualified. If someone joins a faction with the intention to get them a disqualification, the situation will be handled accordingly.
  • Even though TNT is disabled during the grace period, raiding is not allowed during the grace period. You can only over claim, but insiding is still bannable.
  • Merging with another faction is only allowed during grace period. Doing so will result in 3 faction warnings.
  • Giving another faction value in any shape or form or assisting another faction to attempt to manipulate FTop is not allowed. You will receive 1 faction warning doing so.
  • AFKing walls or redstone in general for detection is not allowed. You must fly outside your faction's sand walls or check them using any other legitimate method. Being caught breaking this rule will result in 1 faction warning.
  • Creating a cobblestone monster is not allowed and will result in a Severity 3 Gameplay Offense.
  • Using water to create an artificial ocean inside another Factions claims, will result in a Faction Warning.
  • Spawners cannot be fully protected with any types of blocks or liquids. This means that a spawner has to always be raidable using a Creeper Egg. Covering spawners will result in 1 faction warning.
  • Any usage of raid detectors is not allowed. (View this thread). If thorough and valid evidence is found then a disband and disqualification of the faction will take place.
  • Freecamming to take value or abusing a glitch or exploit, either on an alt account or main account, will result in a warning being issued to the faction (main faction will receive warning if freecammed or glitch abuse on an alt account via an alt faction) as well as a ban punishment on the main account (if alt account is used).
  • Using printer or gen buckets to patch walls while being raided is not allowed. You will receive 1 verbal warning, if the offense is repeated, then a Faction Warning will be issued.
  • You cannot have another faction living in your base in general. Each faction is responsible for their own defenses. A verbal warning will be issued, if they don't get out within 24 hours then warnings will be issued. After that there won't be any future verbal warnings.
  • If a Faction knowingly invites a blacklisted player on an alt into their Faction, Or if they gain any advantage from a blacklisted user, this will result in 1 warning being issued.
  • Using bots in any way to automate / assist with making easy money (example: Auto Farming) will result in 1 warning being issued.
  • A Faction is not allowed to take down spawners whilst being raided. This means you can not Mine, TNT or Creeper Egg your spawners to prevent the raiding Faction from obtaining your spawners. Doing so the faction will receive 1 faction warning.

All warnings below require a verbal warning
  • Raid claims cannot be larger than 10x10 and anti-raid claims cannot be larger than 6x6. This means the width and length of the claims cannot exceed 10 chunks either direction (raid claims) or 6 chunks (anti-raid claims).
  • During the grace period, any b***h claims will be removed. Afterwards, they will not be removed.
  • Each faction is only allowed one corner on the server. There is a total of 16 corners. You cannot claim corners on an alt account. Accounts can be checked by staff.
  • Whoever has the true corner in a chunk (the one that touches both border corners) gets the corner claim. Any other claims will be removed in the surrounding area as the faction that has the true corner presides over other factions. (B***h Claims will only be removed during grace period).
  • Illegal buffer claims are not allowed. (View this thread).
  • Gap bases and Gap raid boxes are prohibited (Anti-Pearl defense).
  • A Factions Anti raid claims cannot act as extended buffer. Meaning they cannot be in line of the factions base.
  • Each faction is allowed 1 raid claim per side of a buffer. You cannot use a alt faction to bypass this rule

The Faction Warning system is designed to carry out disciplinary measures against factions that break the rules. They also aim to keep the community in line. All warnings are tracked by the staff team. A warning will be issued if any of the rules above are violated. Continuous violations of the rules above will result in further punishments which are defined below.

  • 3 warnings will result in a 25% deduction of the faction value. (Value will be taken once the season has ended, this will determine your Factions end of season value)
  • 5 warnings will result in the disband and disqualification of the faction.

Here is some additional information on how faction warnings are handled.
  • During a merge, faction warnings are carried over and will combine with a new total that will be noted by staff.
  • In the event of co-leaders leaving a faction with warnings to create a new faction, warnings will only carry over if the majority of the previous faction leadership leave for the new faction. If the leader moves over, then the warnings will stay regardless. This is to prevent the evasion of faction warnings.
  • Creating an alternate faction attempting to evade warnings is not allowed either.
  • If a faction breaks the same offence again, the point value will increase (ex. First warning is 1 point, second warning is 2 points, etc.)

Warnings are tracked in the Faction Leadership Discord. If you're not a leader or co-leader of a faction, but you still wish to see the warnings for the current season, then you may join the Discord server via this invite link: