9th June April 2018
- Few minor changes to the Boss announcements / messages on Skyblock to make them look more in theme with the Envoy messages
- Fixed a bug on KitPvP where players ranks would not always update straight away after being purchased on the webstore
- Fixed a bug on UHC where players ranks would not always update straight away after being purchased on the webstore
- Factions Season 11.0 has been released (All notable changes listed below!)

Factions 11.0 Changelog
- The Leader of a Factions skull has now been added to the Top 6 Factions monuments at spawn
- Size of the worldborder in the overworld has been increased to 10k x 10k due to a 3 month season
- Upon creating a new Faction, by default the 'recruit' role will have permission to build in your territory (this caused confusion in the past)
- The Outpost worlds are now skipped from ClearLag due to the implementation of the new Bosses
- Boss Battles have been introduced as a new event (Boss battles happen 3 times a day, use /boss to view when the next battle is)
- KOTH treasure has been renamed to 'Event Treasure' as it is now possible to obtain a 'Event Key' from both KOTH and killing the Boss
- Fixed a bug where Endermites would spawn from Enderpearls in the outpost worlds
- Increased the mob tracking range in the Outpost world, so that the Boss tracks players that are a far distance away
- Event Treasure has been debuffed slightly (As there is now twice as many events with KOTH and Bosses, a debuff was needed)
- WorldGuard has been updated to our custom WorldGuard build which has a handful of performance optimisations
- More informative messages have been added when a command is blocked by a WorldGuard region (example /sethome in the Outpost worlds)
- Players are now able to use '/withdraw' to turn money into a physical item (This is useful for Trading and also Wager Duels)
- Wager Duels (Now let me talk about this one quickly! Wager duels was intended to be one of the main new features this reset. Unfortunately we were unable to reach our goal of Wager Duels being ready for SOTW however it is very close to finished! You can expect to see this released on Monday / Tuesday)