11th February 2019
- Old KitPvP map 'Refined Era' has now been re-introduced into KitPvP Season 6
- If players have '/f access' to a chunk on Factions, the access will not work unless they belong to the host Faction
- New batch of performance fixes for Cannoning on Factions has been implemented
- Fixed a bug on Skyblock where players could still mine Redstone ore with a explosive pickaxe
- 3 second ratelimit has now been added to the /tntfill command on Factions to prevent an exploit
- Fixed a bug with Mob Madness on KitPvP where if a player relogged, the particles would break on the player
- Fixed a bug on Survival where players could use pistons to push blocks into the spawn regions
- Fixed a bug with the 'Unknown Ping' message in the /ping command